A label for lovers,
adventurers, seekers
and believers

Allowing you to be your most
beautiful self for the festival of life.

What is a Talisman?

Talismans are objects we put faith in

They are thought to have magical powers, guide and protect us. Many are a simple lucky charm but
they always have a unique meaning to the wearer of the Talisman. 

They are always just about YOU. Who you are, what you need or what you want to be. 

Rayna Hopper, founder and creative director of talisman, women's clothing label

After a lifetime of trusting in her own personal Talismans, creator Rayna Hooper gathered up all of her free spirit and began a fascinating journey of global discovery. She wanted to explore, unearth special people and simply make beautiful things.

Many wonderful journeys happened along the way, many incredible artisans became friends, exquisite fabrics were uncovered, skilled makers joined the team and contributed to the beautiful collections that are produced each season.

And so the label was born out of connection, collaboration and winding creative energies together. 

Talisman is feminine and light hearted, her mind is curious and open, she is strong and takes chances and explores her own sense of style.

Exclusive prints combine with hand stitching and embroidery detailing and come together to create the natural flow of the Talisman style.

Lift your heart to the sky and dance to the beat of your own drum - always remembering that your Talisman is watching over you.

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We are located in South Australia, Australia.

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